Our Introduction

The economic milieu after international agreements, policies supportive of domestic and foreign investors and areas of development in Iran’s healthcare field such as increasing middle-aged and elderly populations, the unused capacity of the manufacturing sector, local human resources and extensive interaction with the world’s scientific centers have added to the necessity of special attention to the field of healthcare. The most important challenge in this area is the need to finance new, semi-finished developmental projects and raise foreign capital.

Accordingly, Amin Investment Bank, as the first investment company in Iran, has focused on financial and consultancy services in the field of healthcare in the Center for Health Solutions to play an effective role in the healthcare sector of the country, to help achieve the national goal of establishing justice in the public access to healthcare services and to better implement the Health Development Plan.

As the first center for financial and consultancy services in the field of healthcare, the Center for Health Solutions opened at the Iran Pharma International Expo.

Hence, Amin Investment Bank, through its capabilities and strategic partners provides the End-to-End silotuions in the “Center for health solutions”. Some of the services are presented below: